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How to write articles with Minodor?

Insert the keyword that you want to rank for in Google

We will analyse the top 10 websites that rank for that keyword in Google

This 10 websites will be your competitors for this article

We will guide you on how to beat them and rank first on Google

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Choose and Edit your title

Check the titles of your competitors. Analyze which title format to use to rank on Google

Generate titles based on your target keyword

Select the best title for you

Modify it if necessary

Choose and Edit your outline

Check your competitors' outline

Check the "People Also Ask" section

Generate outlines

Select the outline of your article

Add what is missing in your outline compare to your competitors' outlines

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Edit your text and improve your SEO score

Check your SEO score

Analyse what's missing in your article compare to your competitors

Edit your text and improve your SEO score

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Copy your article as text

Copy your article as HTML

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